Monday, January 18, 2010

Skinny Tiger and Fatty Dragon (1990)

Baldy aka Tiger (Karl Maka) and Fatty aka Dragon (Sammo Hung) are two undercover cops trying to infiltrate a cocaine ring whose big boss is Cocaine Wing (fighting star Lau Kar-Wing). Their mole Johnny (Tai Bo) tips them to a drug transaction that Lai (Carrie Ng) and Prince Tak (baddie Lung Ming Yan) is trying to carry out. But Wing finds out about what Johnny does and kills him. Tak tries to set up Baldy and Fatty during a show-of-peace meeting, but Baldy and Fatty would have none of it. Instead, after much fighting they chase down Tak and beat him up and arrested him, but they do so at the Police Commander's wedding banquet, which infuriates their boss (Wu Fung) and they are forced into a leave of abscence. After coming back from their leave of abscence, they discover that Tak is bailed out and he and Wing get their revenge and hires a number of assassins, including two Thai ladyboy assassins to kill Baldy's girlfriend Tall-Girl (Hong Kong supermodel Wanda Yung Wai-Tak) and Fatty's father (acclaimed novelist Ngai Hong), as well as turned-state's witness Lai.

Language: Cantonese
Subtitle: English

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